The experiment

What you do is make your own melting oven - why? So that all safety regulations can go out the window if you prefer it so. I made mine together with Kai Chang.

Since you now have your own melting oven you can start experimenting. Note: do take all possible safety precautions if possible, only break the rules if you know how to follow them.

  Experiment 1: melt aluminum - succesfull. You'll get an aluminum cupcake; the aluminum is shaped to the mold.

  Experiment 2: melt salt - succesfull. You’ll get a solid, smooth, cupcake of salt; shaped in the mold shape.

  Experiment 3: melt both aluminum and salt at the same time - successful. You’ll get a naturally shaped aluminum stone - because the salt and aluminum won't mix. They stay separated like oil and water and the salt is lighter, so while poring the liquid salt will fill the cupcake first and the aluminum will follow, falling in the liquid salt. As the salt is already solidifying the aluminum will be shaped naturally. Later you will have to wash away the salt with water - this will give a smell as from rotten eggs. A naturally shaped aluminum cobble results.

Note: aluminum melting temperature 600 degrees. Salt melting temperature 900.

Note: poor quickly else the salt is already solid.

Notice: the many, tiny electrical shocks happening while melting and poring the combined fluid (combined, but not mixed - oil and water).

This is not an instruction so that others may do the same. It’s a transparency to my experiment and the work for viewers to enjoy. If you will attempt this experiment, or a fairly similar experiment - after having read this - then please notify me because I’d like to know about it. I might learn some more. And also; there might be possibilities to work together.

Note: I’m working on, and planning for, filling a whole floor space with these aluminum cobbles.

Walking Sticks, Aluminum Walking Sticks

The whole world has become technical. I'm tellin' y'all. Every little thing has to be researched, understood, discovered and proven to be either different from what we so dearly hoped the thing would be, or; the absolute exact damn thing we then already knew it was but had not proven yet because it was simply not worth proving before. Often enough it is the first and all joyous little mystery and simple allure of daily life gets sucked out, gone. However, I have to admit it’s even more annoying when it is the second; and tons of effort, time and money is spend into proving the obvious and it leaves me trying to keep up a happy face saying dumb shit like "no shit Sherluck". These proven facts, all that demystifying of the easy, daily life truths and beliefs, is making everything very technical.

“Ya, I think it may be like this or that” “a cat lands always on it’s feet". “Well, no, technically it’s actually slightly a bit more like this or this” “the cat only lands on it’s feet from a certain height". Not that it made any real difference, but technically, yes I suppose technically there is indeed a difference. Walking with two aluminum walking sticks is technically better then no hiking sticks. Technically, yes, you will walk a bit further, more easily, with aluminum walking sticks. Though, aren’t you out there, in the woods, desert of other wilderness, hiking, huffing and puffing, simply to enjoy yourself? To see nature in it’s naked glory? For the challenge of your ability against nature? Isn’t it then more enjoyable not to take a mass produced aluminum walking stick with you to the woods? And if a walking stick is needed, then why not simply pick one of the billion sticks from the ground; a stick from nature? The forest is drowning in sticks, I'm sure you should be able to find one to your liking there.

Allure and charisma, the charm and beauty of a walk in the woods? When you arrive in a cool wooden shed up the hill, settling down for a beer and some grub for the hike back, do you then not think it’s a bit.. misplaced to need to find a spot where you can put your shiny aluminum, with red, yellow and blue powder coat, walking stick? Maybe you can put it next to the axe, needed for chopping wood, or the fishing gear, bow and arrow. Hang them on the wall next to the leather jackets and hats, the knives and rope, or yet another axe. Another axe you ask? Well, yes! Because axes are cool for f*ck sakes.

Do you really need a stick for both hands? Is it really about getting from point A to B the quickest? They have cars and bicycles these days for getting from A to B the quickest. Is it so important you need aluminum walking sticks for that? Aluminum walking sticks with rubber padding and bend in a certain angle so that you have another 10% more use of having an aluminum walking stick up a mountain covered with sticks; drowning in sticks. You need the one you took from home, the one that is tested and proven to be the utmost best for walking up a hill so that you may be up the hill an extra 10 minutes quicker, and praise yourself for the intelligent decision of buying that nice and shiny aluminum walking stick, for else you would not have been the proud amateur hiker who goes to the woods so he can share on Facebook these magnificent walking sticks, these trophies you have earned to call your possession by walking up a hill. You might even scratch the paint a bit and add to your Instagram post, triumphantly, that your shiny aluminum walking stick got some wear, that it looks so natural and battered like this; just like a real sticks do! Fun isn’t to see the woods and to walk in it, fun is to walk the trail you have seen on the internet and to walk it 10 minutes faster then the average speed that google maps had predicted. You may even compare the two: “ah see Harold, google maps says we should be walking on this path and we are doing exactly that! How great of us! But no, we are better then google maps, because we also have these amazing aluminum walking sticks and thanks to those we are now 10 minutes ahead of schedule”. “Ow joy, ow joy, I’m so proud of us”.